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NewsRadio 600 KOGO, is your home for the "world's best military air show" The 2014 MCAS Miramar AirShow. Listen to our special live coverage all weekend long from the MCAS Miramar Flight Line.

Listen to our exclusive LIVE "Flightline to Runway" broadcast on Saturday, October 4th, from 12pm to 4pm, featuring live coverage of the Blue Angels with Cliff Albert, Sully, F-18 pilots, MAGTF experts and many other military guests. Listen Friday, Saturday and Sunday for Air Show traffic reports. Take your radio along or listen on line or on your phone to iHeart Radio.

Day Show Morning Schedule

8 a.m. - Gates Open to the Public
 * Radio-Controlled Aircraft Demonstration (pre-show)

9 a.m.
 * Sean Tucker, "Oracle Challenger"
 *Shockwave Jet Truck
 *Otto the Helicopter
 *John Collver, "Wardog" AT-6 "Texan"
 * MV-22 Demo
 *Steve Stavrakakis, Romanian IAR
 * Bret Willat, "Sailplane Magic"
 * Red Bull Helo
Twilight Show Schedule-Saturday

5:30 p.m.
 * AV-8B Harrier Demo
 * Sean Tucker, "Oracle Challenger"
 * Fat Albert C-130 Demo

6:30 p.m.
 * TAPS at Sunset
 * Shockwave Jet Truck
 * Golden Knights and Navy Leap Frogs Parachute Team
 * Bret Willat, "Sailplane Magic"
 * Steve Stavrakakis, Romanian IAR
 * OTTO the Helicopter

8:45 p.m.
 * F/A-18 Afterburner Passes
 * Fireworks Show: Pyro Spectaculars by Souza
 * Great Wall of Fire - An Incredible, Intense Inferno

Day Show Afternoon Schedule

12 p.m.
 * Opening Ceremonies / Invocation / National Anthem / Flag Drop
 * Commanding Officer's Remarks

12:15 p.m.
 * Golden Knights and Navy Leap Frogs Parachute Teams

12:30 p.m.
 * Marine Air-Ground Assault Demo (MAGTF)
 * Sean Tucker, "Oracle Challenger"
 * AV-8B Harrier Demo
 * Patriots Jet Team (6 IL-39s)

2:45 p.m.
 * U.S. Navy Blue Angels with Fat Albert C-130